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Gospel Mission Time Bank

A Letter From Natasha


My name is Natasha Galindo and I am an intern at the Silver City Gospel Mission working on my degree in Public Health at Dona Ana Community College.

In order to complete my degree I am required to do 90 hours of service learning and for my project I am developing a community 'Time Bank.'

For those of you who don't know what a time bank is, it is a community system where a person who volunteers one hour of their time helping someone else gains one hour time credit. They can then use that time credit to receive help from someone else.

For example, you may cook a meal for someone and earn 1 time bank dollar and then turn around and exchange this time bank dollar with someone who knows how to cut weeds or use it in our time bank store to purchase something you may need.

Everyone has a skill — some might surprise you. An elderly shut-in who doesn’t drive can make beautiful wedding cakes. A woman in a wheelchair who needs her house painted used to train police dogs and now provides puppy training. The retired school-teacher who needs her leaves raked has a kiln and is teaching ceramics.

With time-banking, everyone’s skills are equally valuable, and you can make your exchange with anyone you want.

Our time bank is online at where you can join and offer any special skills you have to the community and receive help where you may need it most.

I encourage you to go online and become a member. Post some skills you would feel comfortable doing. Post a request in an area where you may need help. The more people and organizations who get involved, the stronger our time bank will be.

If you need any additional help, use the online help request or give me a call at 575-654-3259 and I will be happy to provide some assistance.

Faithfully yours;

Natasha Galindo