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Gospel Mission Time Bank

Organizations And Businesses - Our Time Bank Needs Your Help!

The Gospel Mission receives many requests for help with material items needed in everyday life. Everything from clothing, to dishes, to boots, to beds, haircuts and wheelchairs.

Depending upon what donations we have received and our current funding, sometimes we are able to help and sometimes we can't.

In conjunction with our new community time bank, we are also starting an online time bank store.

This is a special area of the online time bank where the Gospel Mission is posting material goods needs that we are unable to fulfill for all to see.

In the past if someone needed a size 13 boot, a wheelchair or a bed, we would put their name on a list and if we ever received one, we would give them a call.

With this new system, we are contacting thrift stores, businesses and churches in town and asking them to become a time bank member and to periodically check the online time bank store to see what needs are present and to help us fulfill those needs from their current inventory or skillset.

While the Gospel Mission might not have a size 13 boot in stock, it is very possible that your organization might.

For each item that you freely donate, you will receive one (or more) time bank dollars which can be exchanged for other services offered in the time bank.

For example, if you see in the time bank that someone needs a girls jacket and you have one in stock, you can contact that person (or the Mission) directly and give them the jacket and record the transaction in the online time bank where you will receive one time bank dollar.

You can then use you time bank dollar to have your windows washed, weeds cut, hair trimmed or ???, by another member of the time bank.

You can join the time bank at

Please look around, see if you can meet any needs and if you have any questions, please give me a call at 575-654-3259.



Natasha Galindo