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Gospel Mission Time Bank

Everyone Is Someone!

Everyone is someone.

Every person is valuable – to someone, for something.

There are no throw-away people.

We honor each other by valuing what each has to contribute.

No one knows everything. Everyone knows something.

No one can do everything. Everyone can do something.

When we help each other, we are all stronger.

We are all assets: Everyone can do something of value for others.

We need each other: helping is a two-way street.

By helping, we acknowledge each other and value what we can do.

Some things we do are valuable beyond market price.

That work too needs to be honored and rewarded.

Especially we need to acknowledge what we can do ...

to raise healthy children,

to build strong families

to revitalize neighborhoods,

to make democracy work,

to advance social well-being and justice,

to make the planet sustainable.

We need to help each other build a better world that we all live in ...

... forming commitment,

... creating trust,

... restoring respect,

... working with each other,

... reweaving a caring community,

... with liberty and justice for all.


Everyone is someone – TimeBanking is about enhancing the value of every person and

transforming the value of our time by helping each other.