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Gospel Mission Time Bank

Community Partnership Ideas

Sample initiatives and partnerships

Access To The Arts – In cooperation with 15 community arts organizations, members of the Portland, Maine Time Bank spend over 500 Time Dollars annually attending shows at the Portland Symphony, PCA Great Performances, Children’s Theatre, Portland Conservatory, Center for Cultural Exchange, St. Lawrence Arts and Community Center (and more...).

In the spirit of reciprocity, members provide bulk mailing services, file music, clean offices and waiting rooms, haul away junk and debris and provide child care, transportation and computer related services to these organizations. Tickets to shows are priced at 1 Time Dollar per hour of the show. For example, a 2 hour show is 2 Time Dollars.

Time Dollar Taxi and Car Share – Members of the Time Bank are able to get lifts to appointments, to the mall, to run errands, to school or to visit a friend and they pay with the Time Dollars they have earned helping others in the network.

Time Bank drivers earn Time Dollars by driving the Time Dollar taxi for 1⁄2 day shifts at appointed times each week. The Time Dollar taxi was a donated vehicle and the Time Bank insured it with a grant from a local funder.

Bridging The Gap (BTG)-Youth and Computers – The goal of the project is to bring refurbished computers to children in underserved areas, enhance the quality of their education, increase parent involvement, and teach students the value of community service.

5th grade students earn and spend 50 Time Dollars throughout the school year, by helping others in their community, tutoring their peers, assisting in the school cafeteria and/or helping the janitor – and for this they are each awarded a personal home computer at graduation!

Health Care Initiative– An exciting collaboration between the Time Bank and a local Health Center created an innovative pathway to health care. Practitioners at health center provide a variety of traditional and alternative health care services from annual physicals, gynecology, holistic health evaluation, nutritional assessment, massage, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, life counseling, etc...

In exchange, the health center (and individual practitioners) has been spending the Time Dollars they have earned on bulk mailings, ongoing office assistance, house cleaning, web design and yard work.

Education – The Time Bank partners with a local adult ed or college (or both). The school agrees to accept Time Dollars as tuition payment for classes. In exchange, Time Bank members provide child care, transportation, tutoring assistance, translation services, etc for the school.

Home Repair Team – Home repair is a #1 requested service at most Time Banks. At one Time Bank they created a team of ‘handy types’ (men and women) and then wrote a grant to the city requesting funding to pay for actual expense of materials and supplies needed to make the repairs.